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We have added some commonly asked questions below to try to help, but if you dont find what you looking for here you can contact us using the information on the left or browse through some of our information below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have provided some of our frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please feel free to email Customer Service with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Website Access

Q: I am unable to reach the Olympus website.

Q: I have the proper site but still cannot access the system.


Q: I am unable to log-in to Olympus, what should I do?

Q: I have the proper login but still cannot access the system.

Q: My account is locked, what should I do?

Q: I need to change my password, what should I do?

Upload Documents

Q: I am unable to upload documents on Olympus, what should I do?

Q: The file is less than 20 MB but I am still having trouble uploading it, what should I do?

Task Rejections

Q: Why are my tasks being rejected?

Q: What if I upload a task incorrectly and need it to be rejected so I can resubmit and still meet my deadline?


How can I find a real person to speak with?

Can I download the registration criteria?

What are the requirements to become a MMREM Vendor?

Where can I find additional Asset Manager or Field Service Manager Information for HUD?

Do you have a need for additional brokers in my area?

I am interested in purchasing a HUD Home. Where can I get more information?